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News Letter December 2022

Hello Members,

We hope you are all enjoying this holiday season. As 2022 draws to a close we would like to give you an update on Little Hope Moore Water Supply Corporation. This year we have replaced the existing undersized line with an 8-inch line from Plant 1 South on FM 16 across St. Hwy. 64. Then, we replaced the existing undersized line West to VZCR 4106, South down VZCR 4106 to VZCR 4107 with a 6-inch line. Hill Creek Estates has been added with 4-inch lines. The existing line on VZCR 4107 was looped at the end and connected to the new 6-inch line to eliminate having dead ends. We have eliminated three cross country lines with this upgrade, and we also completed a 4-inch line extension down VZCR 4413 and 4416.

Have you been on the website to set up your account information for notifications? Our billing software is linked directly into our website, and you can get a lot of account information there as well as updating or adding phone #’s and an email address. It is very important that we have your most current contact information where we can notify you of any trouble on the system. We have had a lot of issues with members not receiving their bill cards that are mailed out at the end of each month or receiving them after the 15th. Delivery failure does not excuse you from paying on time. Late fees, as they always have been, will be applied on the 16th each month. On our website you have the option of choosing your notification preferences. You can elect to receive an email notification or text message to alert you when your current bill is ready to view and even print or pay on the website. We have quite a few who have elected to not even receive the printed card because they can get it faster through the website which helps us to save money on postage for cards that aren’t being delivered. We encourage you to utilize the website, if you have any questions or need any help navigating the website you can call the office and we will be happy to help you.

All government grants for water projects must go through the county for sponsorship. LHMWSC will be applying for some of these grants with the Commissioners Court for the next cycle when Van Zandt County is once again eligible. We are seeking all possible avenues of obtaining grant funding so we can make these necessary upgrades with minimal cost burden passed on to customers.

Due to the recent growth, we are adding a new well and Plant on FM 1653. The new Plant will be able to take a lot of the burden off Plant 1 and increase our capacities to be able to accommodate the growth on our system.

We have one position open for the Board of Directors Position at Little Hope Moore Water Supply Corporation, Board Members serve a three-year term and meet once a month. If you have an interest in serving on the Board of Directors of Little Hope Moore Water Supply Corporation, please contact the water office to receive an application form for the Board of Directors Position. All applications must be filled out entirely and returned to the Office no later than January 14, 2023, to be placed on the ballot. No applications will be accepted after close of business on January 14, 2023.

Please accept our Thanks for your patience and understanding during this season of change to keep up with our growing community and Best Wishes for the upcoming year.

Kevin W. Perkins
Manager, LHMWSC